It’s your choice

Wake up!  Get your act together! Get a life… Go get your life back!

Has anyone ever said that to you? Have you ever said that to yourself?

I’ve said that or at least thought that statement; directed to myself and usually when I’ve been in a sad situation or a challenging relationship. Or, just need to rediscover who I am.

Something nudges me… I get an intuitive hit to look at my life, as it is, and challenge myself to make choices that allow creativity and expansion in… again!

How does one start? Getting a life? Getting your life back?

First… it’s really about self-esteem.

Second… it’s an awakening.

Finally… it’s the initiation into the next chapter of your life.

You get to choose… and direct how you want your life to be like. It all starts from the inside. How do you want to feel? Really! How do you want to feel? Do you want to feel energized? Expansive? Authentic? Connected to a power that is unlimited? Divinely empowered? Confident? I know I do. That’s how I want to feel… true to myself with unlimited and expansive energy that continues to feed my soul.

How do you want to feel?

Write it down somewhere… post-it notes on your wall, computer, the mirror in the bathroom. Remind yourself that you are choosing to make some changes in your life beginning with how you feel. And then…

Take an action step to deliver that feeling to your soul. Feed your soul and expand into that amazing energy of who you really are.

Go outside and walk in nature, anywhere there’s a feeling of nature. Sit down at your desk or table, light a candle, bring out your journal (make a journal) and begin writing with the question of… What do I need to expose of my inner self today? What do I need to learn, to discover of my true and authentic self? Meditate on your mantra, what ever that may be… Exercise. Walk. Listen to that music that just tingles you up and down with that ‘I just got to dance’ feeling. Make love. Play on a swing set. Play.

Go to your happy place in your home, your studio, your living space… Make a personal and sacred ‘to only you’ place if you don’t have one. Take care of yourself by creating your own personal area that you can play in, create in, write in, chill in. Make your space sacred to you!

After you’ve made your space… initiate your space with energy. Meditate. Sage it. Explore and infuse your space with positive energy. Crystals. Photos. Your art. Art in general. Colors. Beads. Create an alter if that moves you… Make it yours! And then relax in it and see what happens when you are centered into your space. Inside and out. Centered.

Be open and allow the Universe to guide you into your life! Synchronicity. It’s exciting to see what happens next when you ask your Muse for direction. Haven’t asked your Muse, lately? Ask. Get quiet and ask… then listen… listen some more. Write down what you heard and then… Take the next indicated step!

Watch your life unfold.

It will.


Your life… however you choose to live your life… you have a choice to live your life in the manner that you believe in… How and what you feed your soul endures and brings the quality of life that you have today.

Feed your soul!




The Genius Zone…

I mentioned in an early writing that I have dusted off my The Artist’s Way book… and I’m presently in week four.

The assignment and challenge of week four is to abstain from reading.

The purpose, according to Julia Cameron, is that artists find reading to be a pacifier and an activity that actually blocks the flow of creativity.

I think, for me, reading is a way to uncover my personal issues. Nonetheless, reading is also a way of deflecting the creative process since I’m sort of, kind of, reading about someone else’s issues.

I’m so grateful that I finished reading The Big Leap, written by Gay Hendricks before undertaking the “No Reading Challenge” for the week!

Hendrick’s uses a series of questions to unlock those old memories from childhood. You know the ones… Mom said … Dad said… Step-Mom said….  YOU fill in the blanks. (My parents might read this). Then, there was the sibling rivalry that forced my brothers and sisters to battle for Mom and Dad’s attention. Plus, the jealousy that developed if one of us out-shined the other in any manner.

THE PAST! One of my biggest blocks!

I also discovered the “Mom syndrome”. I would put all the family and household chores ahead of my studio work. That one prompted a discussion with my husband and brought forth a new understanding. The house wasn’t going to be as tidy as it has been in the past. I needed to set new priorities into my life.

Another awareness… It’s easier to remain small… When success comes, as it will when one works hard and puts their hard work out there into the public, it’s a big responsibility! And I’ve told myself a few times; I have enough responsibility.

His book all comes down to one thing… TODAY! To stop living in the past…

And, to build a home in “YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS”.

GENIUS… not mediocre, not comfort zone, not adequate zone, not even the Zone of Excellence. Hendricks wants you to find Your Zone of Genius… that zone that feels joyful and abundant. THAT zone… the one where time flies by because you’re doing what you love and you’re shining so brightly while doing IT!

Through a series of questions and personal insights, he guides you to uncover what’s holding you back from shining. From living in your Zone!

Yesterday, I chose to paint… to go to my studio instead of the grocery store. I reset my priorities so that I placed my work farther up the ladder of my responsibilities. I chose to go to my Zone.

It was wonderful… and I felt exhilarated and inspired to continue to work through my issues and blocks. I’m encouraged to let go of my past sibling rivalry stuff. To be kinder and gentler to others. I’m inspired to uncover my highest potential and shine out into this amazing world. And in doing so… inspire others!

My newest mantra…

I am expanding in abundance, success and love as I inspire others to do the same!

Have a fabulous day… and if you have any insights that have helped you expand into your Zone of Genius… please share!




I’m going through a creative transition.

I’m moving from painting representational landscapes to abstract. It’s been a long process as I’ve been trained and conditioned to paint what I see whether it’s on site or in a photograph and I’ve also used a series of photographs and study paintings to bring a subject matter, such as skies, to life and to create a sensation. I love to create moods that deliver a subliminal emotion to my audience. Spirituality is the essence of my paintings, as I suppose it is with all artists as a general whole.

And now…

I want to move to abstract painting and mixed media, which is unchartered territory for me.

I’ve turned to writing, first, for the primary exploration. I have found that my writing helps me as a method for unlearning old lessons. And I’ve included meditation and asking my guides, my angels, my spiritual partners… I ask, what’s next or what should I create? I find it harder to create from contemplating within than from regarding outside materials. Here I am… facing a blank canvas, my painting equipment ready to go.

Where do I start?

I read somewhere that it is in the invisible formless realm that the originating spark of creativity begins. Because I am an artist, I am a creative soul, the questions come of why and what am I painting?

Where does it come from?

I face a blank canvas and I question myself on a regular basis!

I start with picking out some favorite colors, put on some favorite music, and begin my search. As I’ve been drawn, lately, to images that captures a vastness of our universe… I begin there. Lately, imagery of portals take me to points unknown; the mystery of life, of our universe, of our souls.

I travel… within…

And so the mystery of creativity unfolds.

Based on images captured in my mind because of their vastness, my artworks are personal expressions filled with metaphorical overtones. I explore the contemporary elements of the sublime: vast, infinite space suggesting transcendence…

Where do you go in your creativity? In your inventive moments?

I’d love to know…



It’s the Journey!

It’s not the destination that is the goal. It’s the journey!

Yes, I used to think that I needed to have a goal, or goals, in order to feel that my life had some sort of purpose. My mom would call it “a reason to get up in the morning”. It’s not a bad idea, goals, but there were times that my procrastination would get in the way and I would feel utter defeat that I hadn’t reached my goals. Or, I would make simplistic goals in order to feel that I accomplished something even if it was just to get to Costco and buy berries.

What I want to bring to the table today is to look at the characteristics that get in the way of reaching whatever goals you may have. One of mine has been procrastination, lately, but I’m getting past that one. Tomorrow… only kidding!

I’m rereading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

If you haven’t read it or if it’s sitting on the shelf or table, go get it! What a kick-start… I’m on week two where I have to look at people or ideas that get in my way of creativity; the critics, the doubters, the jealousy, and more. Week two is about recovering a sense of identity as well as…

What is it that I struggle with in my creative life? What is my block?

I start projects and then struggle to finish them.

For example, this website blogging program… but then I’m doing it now so I should cut myself some slack. It did take months, though, to get this far and the voice inside tells me I should have done this sooner. However… it took whatever time it did take to get me to a place of confidence to share with you my fears and my discoveries.

Months ago I reserved the website and months ago I started to write a series of ideas that focused on art and coaching. I signed up for a variety of programs that excited me plus put a fire under my feet to take action.

Months ago I thought I would put this all together and then life happened.

I was preparing for a two-month art show call the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach. I proposed a creativity workshop. My father had heart surgery in Florida. I took a short trip to visit him and my family; which lifted my love vibration to a new level. My daughter needed me to help her into a new phase of her life. This brought another lift in my vibration. I traveled to Peru that expanded my spirituality and introduced me to insights that expanded my horizons. I reworked the ideas I had for a creativity workshop.

So… you get it… life! And synchronicity.

Life can bring many insights if one is aware of what is actually being offered. I wasn’t ready at the time I reserved my website. I had a few more lessons to learn about myself. I began writing daily… meditating daily… walking and exercising daily. It helps if you have a dog, the walking part. I started listening to my Higher Power. I started paying attention to the moment… staying present.

It was a surgical procedure for Morton’s Neuroma that landed me on the sofa for two weeks that moved me back to writing. Put an artist on the sofa for two weeks and then tell her that she can’t drive for four weeks… that’s crazy. I was going crazy! I usually spend my time in the studio experimenting and working on my new pieces. That’s when it hit me… how can I help others in the way that life has helped me. I received an email one day on how to create a blog… for $79. I listened to the webinar and signed up… now I have a blogging website!

Action steps are not always quick but they can be timely. I look back over the past few months of preparation and see that the Universe pretty much handled it all for me.

Synchronicity, again.

I just had to do the next indicated step.

And each step was part of the bigger picture, one that I’m really not sure what it is but I’m taking it step by step.

What’s your next indicated step?

Have you reached for your copy of The Artist’s Way?

Share with me what you’re doing as your next indicated step? I’d love to read what you’re up to…



A New Perception

I have a vision… to live a full life that celebrates a life-long love and learning and growth through creative expression.

Many people have visions – but they don’t take action.

I did take action steps but I didn’t realize that I was living my dream until one day I looked out over the canyon, enjoying the ocean view after a day at my studio and it hit me… hard… I am living my dream!

I just didn’t realize it.

It happens to me like that… I wake up in a new reality!

But it didn’t happen overnight, my dream that is. It happened as I took action steps toward an unknown destination.

It happened.

I believe that it started when I realized that I was living my life as others expected me to live my life… conservatively.  But, it was their life, not mine and I guess I must have finally seen that their life was not what I wanted for my life.

I had to let go of all my old ideas and find out, for myself, what I wanted my life to be.

And it began with looking inward… first, to where I lived. I have lived in Laguna Beach for over 20 years, now. I guess I really love this area and who wouldn’t. I see the Pacific Ocean everyday! I can watch a sunset everyday! I can walk in the sand everyday! You get the idea. I saw that I lived exactly where I wanted to live. Now it was time to embrace it!

This is the action step I took…

I wrote in my journal all the old beliefs that have remained with me as I was growing up.

Religion and Spirituality… Jobs, Careers and Vocations… Money and Finances… Friends and Family… Romance and Marriage… Education… Politics… Health and Self-Care.

I took a good, hard look at them and then…

I wrote about my own principles, what I truly believed. And then… I tossed out my old beliefs. I let go of my past and began living my life in the present. It took some practice and it took time. I had many old perceptions come forward in the following year but I didn’t let them settle in, like I’ve done in the past.

I moved forward into my true and authentic self. I slowly learned who I truly am… and I woke up to this life that I love!

My perception had shifted!

Has that happened to you? You suddenly ‘wake up’ and realize that you are not living the life you wanted because of your conditioned past expectations? And what have you done to change, to recover your life… to start over?

Share your journey with me… and I’ll share mine, as well! Let’s live full and creatively together!

Peace, Gina