A New Perception

I have a vision… to live a full life that celebrates a life-long love and learning and growth through creative expression.

Many people have visions – but they don’t take action.

I did take action steps but I didn’t realize that I was living my dream until one day I looked out over the canyon, enjoying the ocean view after a day at my studio and it hit me… hard… I am living my dream!

I just didn’t realize it.

It happens to me like that… I wake up in a new reality!

But it didn’t happen overnight, my dream that is. It happened as I took action steps toward an unknown destination.

It happened.

I believe that it started when I realized that I was living my life as others expected me to live my life… conservatively.  But, it was their life, not mine and I guess I must have finally seen that their life was not what I wanted for my life.

I had to let go of all my old ideas and find out, for myself, what I wanted my life to be.

And it began with looking inward… first, to where I lived. I have lived in Laguna Beach for over 20 years, now. I guess I really love this area and who wouldn’t. I see the Pacific Ocean everyday! I can watch a sunset everyday! I can walk in the sand everyday! You get the idea. I saw that I lived exactly where I wanted to live. Now it was time to embrace it!

This is the action step I took…

I wrote in my journal all the old beliefs that have remained with me as I was growing up.

Religion and Spirituality… Jobs, Careers and Vocations… Money and Finances… Friends and Family… Romance and Marriage… Education… Politics… Health and Self-Care.

I took a good, hard look at them and then…

I wrote about my own principles, what I truly believed. And then… I tossed out my old beliefs. I let go of my past and began living my life in the present. It took some practice and it took time. I had many old perceptions come forward in the following year but I didn’t let them settle in, like I’ve done in the past.

I moved forward into my true and authentic self. I slowly learned who I truly am… and I woke up to this life that I love!

My perception had shifted!

Has that happened to you? You suddenly ‘wake up’ and realize that you are not living the life you wanted because of your conditioned past expectations? And what have you done to change, to recover your life… to start over?

Share your journey with me… and I’ll share mine, as well! Let’s live full and creatively together!

Peace, Gina


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